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Complete your toolbox with Scopito.

building inspection software

Complete your toolbox with Scopito.

Scopito is the building inspection software, you can't do without. We turn your inspection images into valuable asset insights, while saving you money and time. Time-saving tip #1: trying the platform won't cost you a dime. It sure is faster than reading everything.

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Adding x-ray vision to your inspection.

Building inspection software

Adding x-ray vision to your inspection.

Thermal images are amazing for providing a look "inside" your assets. Scopito is giving your the edge on this technology, with our thermal analysis tool. Now you can include all essential information in your reports.

Look back with historic comparisons.

building inspection software

Look back with historic comparisons.

Repeat inspections offer even greater insights for the client. Weather a new build is inspected for progress, or a roof is inspected to determine early deterioration, historic comparisons bring your insights to another level.

Let us handle analysis.

Let us handle analysis.

Scopito has the time and expertise, when you need it. Send your inspections for analysis with our experts and AI, and get accurate results fast. So, instead of going through thousands of inspection images, you can fly more jobs.

building inspection software

Our platform, your brand.

Our platform, your brand.

With a Scopito white-label, you have access to all of Scopito's powerful functionalities, within your own custom-tailored platform. We'll keep things fast and stable, with your brand in the spotlight. Give us a call to hear more.

What do our customers say about us?

“Scopito is hands down the best drone data analysis software tool on the market for energy infrastructure inspection. Measure leverages its intuitive design, powerful functionality, and customizability on a daily basis to serve the diverse needs of our Fortune 500 energy customers.” – David Bowen, Former VP of Product Strategy at Measure

David Bowen


“Love the Scopito team, their passionate about what they do and are always improving functionality. My only regret is not working with them sooner.”

Logan Chernicky

Enhanced Visual

Building features

Maps & geo-tags

IFaults are marked on overview-map with severity color, providing a great visual overlook for roof inspections in particular. Scopito supports several map-layers including OpenStreetMap and Google maps.

High quality reports

Filters and reporting work together, to ensure that your PDF reports contain exactly the information you need. Use a standard template, or modify your report using our preview editor.

Powerful image analysis tools

Identifying and annotating faults is a breeze thanks to endless zoom, fast loading and keystrokes. Prefer to outsource analysis? With Scopito, experts and AI is just a click away.

Ensure employee safety

Providing repair-teams with exact, visual information about faults and their exact location, increases safety once buildings and roofs have to be climbed for repair later on.

AI fault detection.

Image analysis has never been more effortless. Lean back and watch our algorithms detect faults in your images. It is time-efficient, and lets you spend your hours on more important tasks.

Roles & rights

Work together in teams, all across the globe. With Scopito you can let a team-member review or approve an inspection, or let your client see the results, directly in the platform.

Scopito prices.

Choose your industry of interest, to see relevant pricing information.

Pay Per Asset

Roof - m²

1 asset costs €0.2

Enterprise 1 165000
  • I will do my own analysis - 1 asset costs €0.1

    For customers with in-house expertise.

How it works

Upload as many images as you like, only pay per m² of your building's footprint. The footprint m² can be determined in Scopito using our measurement-tool. All imagery is reviewed by experienced professionals to create detailed Roof Condition Reports that maps out and highlights existing- or potential areas of concern on your roof. It includes annotations and remedy recommendations.



You qualify for an Enterprise License.

You want to manage governance, risk & compliance of a large asset portfolio and that requires special attention. That's why you qualify for our Enterprise license and can take advantage of these additional benefits.

  • Unlimited images per asset
  • 1 year access to your data
  • No feature restrictions
  • Expert Analysis
  • Volume discounts
  • On-premise installation
  • Custom development
  • Discounts on access renewal